Provider Social Proof can improve your online leverage
Provider Social Proof can be defined as the ideas and words of others to demonstrate the value you bring.  When someone wants to learn more about you or your practice, they go online, searching for provider social proof. They want to hear what “word-of-mouth” is saying about you- in comments, reviews, and posts.  Here are some common myths about your social proof.

Myth #1:  a review/testimonial page is enough
Only 1-2% of visitors to your website will actually look at the page. Although a testimonials/reviews page is a great idea, there are other ways to use this great content:

  • Put reviews all around your website
  • Share reviews on social media
  • Retweet and share positive comments left on social media

Myth #2:  clients are not interested in helping
Contrary to popular belief, many clients are more than happy to share positive comments about their healthcare provider. Not every patient will be willing to pose for the camera or provide a photo of themselves for your website, but they may agree to let you quote them. If you ask your patients regularly for reviews and positive quotes, you will be surprised at home much Provider Social Proof you can gather.

Myth #3:  Clients think the testimonials are made up
Most people do not assume that your testimonials are made up. However, it’s crucial to provide evidence of genuineness. The ideal recommendation would be:

  • Ask if you can use their First name and Last Initial, or at least their First Name, or Initials
  • Add a photo of them, if possible
  • Include the duration of their association with the healthcare provider or practice to demonstrate the strength of the bond.

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